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Tokyo – Solo Karaoke (1kara), Best Tsukemen Noodle 五ノ神製作所

2017-08-09 (Tokyo)

I am so brave! I accomplish a mission to sign up the Japanese solo karaoke without decent Japanese knowledge!

Even since I saw Spring went on a solo karaoke in Japan, I have always wanted to go to one on my own, just because it looks so fun! I found one in Shinjuku called 1kara.

To begin, I need to join the karaoke. Everything is in Japanese. The greeter does not speak English at all and actually wants me to leave because they don’t take cards, but I come all the way across to Pacific to sing karaoke, and I can’t just give up there. Luckily, I find a 7-11 ATM nearby and go straight to sign up using the sign-up machine. I got my karaoke membership card and use my so broken Japanese to select a plan for karaoke and go on with my journey to solo karaoke!

Happy hour period basically grants me access to the room until 8 am in the morning, but there is no way that I can sing that long!

The friend I met on the plane recommended this tsukemen restaurant.

Japan, 〒151-0051 Tokyo, Shibuya, Sendagaya, 5 Chome−33−16, シャトレー新宿御苑第一

This place is pretty hard to find. I believe that’s because the rent is pretty expensive in Shinjuku.

I ordered a tsukemen with shrimp and this is by far the best tsukemen I have ever had! It looks like you can have free soup refill if you know how to say it in Japanese. The soup is rich in texture and I personally think it is only good for dipping because it’s too salty if you have it as a soup. The Japanese guy next to me asked for multiple bowls of soup refill though.  

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