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Seoul – N Seoul Tower, Korean Fried Chicken, Namsan Cable Car


2017-04-23 (Seoul)

It was such a fun day yesterday. Due to some reason from the hotel, we were offered complimentary buffet breakfast this morning.

Legit American Bacon 

 Seoul’s Subway
It is very similar to that of Japan. The broadcast is in Korean, Japanese, and English.

Finally! Korean Fried Chicken 

Namsan Cable Car 
Namsan cable car is probably the only public transportation to get the N Seoul Tower. There is a free shuttle service that connects from Myung Dong subway station to the cable car station. The shuttle only comes once every hour, and it is probably not worth the wait because the cable car station is actually not that far from Myung Dong.

Round Trip ticket for 8,500 WON.

 N Seoul Tower
The best way to obtain tickets to the tower is not from the main entrance on the ground level, but from the basement where the actual entrance is. You don’t have the wait in line for getting the tickets, and most of the staff stayed in the basement anyway due to the AC.  Martial Arts Performance in front of the tower  I can totally see San Francisco from the tower.   Best urinal in the city 

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