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Philadelphia – Betsy Ross House, Declaration House, The Franklin’s Institute

07-30-2016 – Philadelphia

2016-07-30 11.10.15 HDR

Betsy Ross House

2016-07-30 11.14.10
To be honest, I only knew about Betsy Ross in Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags (shame).


$4 for a student ticket

2016-07-30 11.14.31
Seems like Betsy has a tough life.

2016-07-30 11.16.50 2016-07-30 11.17.26 2016-07-30 11.17.28 2016-07-30 11.17.40 2016-07-30 11.18.24
Betsy Ross’s bedroom (probably) It has been owned by different people since she lived there

2016-07-30 11.20.53 2016-07-30 11.21.20

There was a lady acting as Betsy Ross to answer people’s questions. It was a fun interaction. I asked her if she knew what she was making, and she was like “of course, making a flag for the new country was a very serious crime, and everybody knows it is illegal to support the new country.” That was very different from what was on Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s show, haha. The truth? Who knows!

2016-07-30 11.34.43 2016-07-30 11.37.57

2016-07-30 11.53.00

Declaration House

2016-07-30 13.44.23 HDR 2016-07-30 13.45.13 2016-07-30 13.49.23

Went back to Reading Terminal Market for Philly Cheesesteak. The store I went to yesterday was so crowded. I tried another store but the result was sub par…

2016-07-30 14.27.05 2016-07-30 15.14.15-1 2016-07-30 15.20.08 2016-07-30 15.37.17

The Franklin’s Institute
The admission was around $20 per person, but I only have around 30-40 minutes in the museum before actually need to get back to my AirBnb to pickup my backpack. The admission was kind of pricy if I am only visiting for less than an hour.
I spend time walking around the free area.

2016-07-30 15.39.52 2016-07-30 15.40.55 2016-07-30 16.09.04
Silly me! I thought I only need 15 minutes to get back to the airbnb, but I didn’t account for the time I need to walk to the subway station. I was almost late to train departing to Newark airport.

2016-07-30 16.30.29 2016-07-30 16.44.43

I got here the very last minute, but I couldn’t find a machine that accepts my e-tickets from united. I need a human to exchange for a physical Amtrack ticket. Luckily, there was no one in line and I got through it pretty easily. I was exhausted from running all the way from the station. And yet… I didn’t fill up my water bottle, and I had no water on the train… Paid 2 bucks for a can of soda =] That was the best soda I have ever had!

2016-07-30 17.11.31 2016-07-30 17.27.24
Flight delayed for 3 hours… Why did I rush so bad to get on the train…

2016-07-30 22.31.14 2016-07-30 23.28.04 2016-07-30 23.28.08

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