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Oakland – It’s time to go travel!

2017-07-20 (OAK)

It’s hard to imagine what had happened these past months. It’s been hectic with all the interviews and stuff happening in the company. I am just glad that this trip would be the start of the new chapter of my life.


Booked this flight to the UK last month, actually not knowing if I am going to get the job or not, even though there were two of them lining up. There’s been a lot that was happening.


For $166, Norwegian got me a direct flight from Oakland to London Gatwick. That’s a wonderful marketing strategy…because the return flight almost costs me a thousand. It was actually cheaper at some point to fly back eastward from Japan and back to San Francisco, which I am going to do.


I want to go to Japan, but it just didn’t make a lot of sense because it’s like getting out of my way to get there. At the same time, who knows when I am going back to Japan. My new company only offers me 15 PTOs per year (goodbye to my unlimited vacation policy), and maybe I need to spend those days on visiting Hong Kong.


Anyways, it’s a good beginning!

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