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Edinburgh / Palma de Mallorca – National Museum of Scotland, Marlloca

2017-07-30 (Edinburgh to Palma de Mallorca)

Last day in Edinburgh. I am going to miss this city.

I am spending my last day here at the National Museum of Scotland. There is that Scottish history part that I wanted to see.   The roof of the National Museums Scotland  It’s great that there is a light rail that goes directly to the airport.  Got this Kinder chocolate egg before leaving the UK. Hopefully, I remember to eat it before entering the States. Just in time for some food before the flight 

It’s late in Mallorca. I almost arrived at 8 pm and by the time I leave my hostel, it’s already 9 pm, and I thought every restaurant would already be closed. Silly me. This is Palma de Mallorca, the famous party island! I had this delicious tapa set, which is amazing!

I thought these were chilies and they looked really spicy, but it turns out that these are not spicy at all 🙂 What a pleasant surprise!

Then this dates wrapped in bacon is my favorite tapa 😀 They are the perfect match and I really love the combination. 

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