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Edinburgh – Edinburgh Walking Tour

2017-07-25 (Edinburgh)

First time being in Scotland! Edinburgh is a beautiful city, very different from England, unique at its own style. Joined a morning free walking tour recommended by a friend living in Edinburgh. The walking tour is very informational and interactive. The tour guide brings the group into parts of the city with lots of storytelling and jokes!

Spitting heart. Rubbing his toe brings your intelligence and fortune. He is supposed to be the brightest mind in Scotland when Scotland claims to be the next Greece.   Edinburgh Castle   J.K. Rowling has her inspirations of Hogwarts here from the school next to the graveyards.   Cages were built to prevent corpse thieves who sold corpse to doctors for money.   Bobby is the dog which is one of the graveyard guards. Rumor say he is still here guarding the graveyard!   Haggis Burger!  

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