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Barcelona – Park Güell, Gaudí House Museum

2017-01-22 (Barcelona) Part 1/2

Park Güell


Can you imagine this place was actually designed as a public housing estate? It was for sure that this project would run over budget because this place is AMAZING with its architecture design. Really Fabulous! I am really glad that it turned into a public area for us.

Most of the Park is open to the public for free. Only a few of the areas with Gaudi’s designs requires admission.

The bundle pass I bought along with Sagrada Familia’s admission grants me access to the Gaudí House Museum.

Gaudí House Museum (Casa Museu Gaudi)

This was used to be Gaudi’s residence before turning into a museum. Because the house is preserved as the condition when Gaudi lived, there museum does not have a bathroom, and the closest bathroom would be outside of the museum area near the entrance of the park.

Gaudi’s Personal Garden

The house was not designed by Gaudi, but one of his students. Gaudi, however, has personally approved the design and enjoyed living here. The house has two stories: the first floor has all the well designed furniture and the second floor consists of the rooms that Gaudi used to rest and pray.

The paid area does not allow early admission, even when you have a valid admission within the same day. You must come during the admission time frame printed on the ticket within 30 minutes. I came in on a weekday, but it was already filled with tourists.

Two houses here. Left one is a museum that is included in the admission. Not much to see there. If you are in a rush, don’t even line up for the museum. The right one is just a gift shop.

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