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Barcelona – Barcelona Beach, Passeig de Gràcia, Maremagnum

2017-01-22 (Barcelona) Part 2/2

Walking down Passeig de Gràcia for some Gaudi’s buildings

Casa Milà

Casa Batlló
 Actually wanted to go to Picasso Museum since it’s free after 4 pm today, but the line was insanely long. Everybody swamped into the museum because of the rain. I couldn’t even reach the end of the line.


El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria (El Born CCM) 

Mercat del Born is a former public market and one of the most important buildings in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain constructed with iron. This location was preserved by the people here. There was a couple projects that wanted to demolish the market, and the public reacted to defend this market.

To preserve the remains of the market, a cover was built on top of the market without destroying anything.

 Barcelona … When I think of Barcelona, I think of beaches, swimming, sunbathing and all sorts of summer activities. I even brought my swim shorts here. But as soon as I walk close to the beach, the reality hits me hard. The beach is closed due to the wind. People can’t even walk close to the beach, and the police was forcing the people to step away from the sand, even when they are so far away from the actual waves. 

 To ease by disappointment, I treat myself some ice cream on this breezy windy day. 

Centro Comercial Maremagnum

There is not a lot places that are good to go on a raining day. The rain brings me to a nearby shopping mall that opens late.

I do think stuff in Spain is cheaper in general, so I just got myself some clothes before going to the UK. 😀

Buffet Style Diner

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